Commonly asked questions by property owners looking to get started.

Yes. We are registered with both the DED and DTCM in Dubai. 

The usual contract is 12 months. However, we can tailor it on a case-by-case basis. 

The landlord may terminate the contract at any time by giving us a 30 days’ notice period. We are happy to return the apartment immediately, provided there is no guest currently there or checking in within the 30 days’ notice. 

Yes, we do have an RMS system where all property owners have access to view all necessary information regarding their property, guests and availability.  

Security deposits are collected from each guest to ensure no damages beyond the normal wear and tear are done. As an extra measure, some owners like to take an extra insurance policy that will also cover for not only their furniture, but also all the content in their property. The cost of such coverage will depend on how much you want to insure. 

Payments will be deposited in the bank account provided by the landlord. 

Monthly reports are sent out on the first of the month and payments are paid on the tenth of every month. Should the first or tenth fall on a weekend or public holiday, they will be sent/paid on the next business day. 

Yes. If it is unfurnished, we have a dedicated interior design team who can help you furnish it at competitive prices due to our strong relationships with many suppliers across the industry. 

No. It is only open to companies who have a license with the DED and DTCM in Dubai. If landlords want to do it on their own, they must get their permit from the DTCM. 

  • All marketing and advertising costs associated in promoting your property.
  • Check in/out of all guests into your property.
  • Conducting all the viewings to your property before booking.
  • Inspection of the property after each check-out to ensure your property is always well maintained.
  • Cleaning and sanitization of the property as well as the change and laundry of linens and towels after each use.
  • Handling all the monthly payments on your behalf.

DEWA, chiller, gas, internet/TV, as well as any maintenance work. To ensure guests do not overuse DEWA and the chiller, we set a monthly cap limit where if they exceed this amount, the guest will have to pay the difference. This ensures to keep your monthly expenses fixed and controlled. 

It is in our interest that your property is always looking and functioning at its best. If it is not, we will not be able to rent it out. We make guests sign contracts stating that they will not damage the property and that they will follow community guidelines. Failure to do so will not only result from the security deposit being retained but can also result in immediate eviction. 

We advertise on major portals such as, Airbnb, Property Finder, Bayut, Dubizzle, etc, just to name a few. 

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