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Property Management

Turn Your Dubai Property into a Holiday Home  

Turning your property in Dubai into a holiday home can be a great way to maximize profitability and enjoy greater flexibility. Dubai is a world-renowned holiday destination, offering stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, luxurious shopping malls and some of the best attractions in the world. By turning your property into a holiday home, you will have access to a wide range of potential guests looking for short-term stays.  

The main benefit of renting out your property as a holiday home is that you can capitalize on higher rental yields than traditional long-term leases. The demand for holiday homes has increased significantly in recent years and this is reflected in the increasing rental yields associated with them. With more people looking for shorter-term stays, you can charge higher rates than those normally associated with long-term leases, allowing you to get better returns on your investment.  

Finally, by taking advantage of intelligent pricing services such as dynamic pricing models and data analysis tools, you can ensure that the cost for which guests stay at your property remains competitive yet profitable compared to market conditions and demand. 


A Bespoke Holiday Homes Experience  

  • Greater Flexibility 
  • Higher rental yields 
  • Professional photography
  • Multiple listings across leading portals
  • Fully managed by our experts 
  • 5* housekeeping services 
  • Competitive pricing system 


Why You Should Transform Your Property into a Holiday Home

Homes & Beyond offers homeowners access to one of the most booming tourist markets in the Middle East and a door to the extra stream of passive income. Our specialist team ensures that your property is registered and aligned with the relevant government entities, lavishly furnished, and leased on short-term or year-round basis. Homes & Beyond provides a range of premium services to ensure your property is handled with the care it deserves at all times – from the legal proceedings all the way to customer and ROI management.

What You Benefit

Short-term rentals in Dubai market earn you up to 15% to 20% more income than the traditional rental market.

  • Property is well-maintained and in pristine condition after every guest vacancy
  • Management of all financial transactions, payments, reservations, and concierge services
  • Administrative coordination with all governmental departments and service providers
  • Professional marketing services guarantee property is successfully advertised
  • Installed digital locks ensure security of property and safety of guests
  • Upholding operational duties including but not limited to cleaning, laundry, and maintenance

How The Holiday Home Process Works

  1. Free Consultation
  2. D&B Registers Property with DTCM
  3. Free Interior Design Quotation
  4. Furnishing and Photography
  5. Marketing Campaign
  6. Guest Books Holiday Home
  7. Concierge Services Provided
  8. Security Deposit Collected
  9. Guest Enjoys Stay
  10. Maintenance and Clean-Up Upon Leave

Property Management

Your property is an asset, and you need to ensure that its value remains high in the market and consistently yielding income. Managing this balance and helping you reap the benefits can be maximized through professional help. Our sister division, Real Estate Asset Leaders (REAL), which is also an integrated division under D&B Properties, is expert in property and asset management.

From a systematic upkeep of your property to professional assistance in resolving concerns in your property, our Senior Property Managers will ensure that you can sit back and be at ease while we look after your investments and help you earn hassle-free rental income wherever you are.

REAL Scope of Services:

  1. Property Marketing and Signage Advertising for Lettings
  2. Tenant Screening and Document Collection
  3. Welcome Email and Briefing
  4. Ejari Registration
  5. Move-In and Move-Out Assistance
  6. Rent and Security Deposit Collection
  7. Rent Management (Banking of Cheques)
  8. Full Year Maintenance and Financial Report
  9. Tenancy Renewal and Full Execution Management
  10. Community Service Charges and Utility Billing Maintenance
  11. Bi-Yearly Property Routine Inspection Report
  12. Rental Dispute Case Assistance

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